Monday, 26 March 2012



The presence of a dress in women’s wardrobe is obligatory. It’s very sad this item has disappeared from the modern women’s closets.
A dress worn daily gives elegance to any lady and changes her look entirely. It is so easy to wear a dress. You just have to match it with adequate shoes and that’s all, you can truly be called a woman.

Must have (for day):
1. One black, simple, cotton dress.
2. A nude, low necked, three-quarter, sleeve dress.
3. One very feminine, flower print, up to mid thigh (of course if your legs are perfect).
4. A red dress in “A” shape worn with a belt. (‘50s).
5. One very long, abstract print dress. (‘70s).

Casual looks:
       Simple black dress.
You have to wear it with: black high heels, sunglasses, classic bag.
        Nude dress.
You have to wear it with:  Dark green or violet shoes, red bag, sunglasses, hair with volume.
       Dress with little flowers:
You have to wear it with:  Boots up to knees, thickheel, punk bag, aviator sunglasses, left your hair natural.
       Red one
You have to wear it with: black boots with high heels, wide rock belt, withmetalapplications, smoky eyes, tightleather jacket, hair on one side.
      Long Dress
You have to wear:  Sandals, silver earrings, volume hair and the bag should be blue or yellow, a lot of hippy bracelets, silver sunglasses.
Little black dress (for night)
It isn’t a myth, it is the real dress that can save you in a lot of situations when you don’t know what to wear or you don’t have enough money for a new purchase. Accessorized in different ways, the little black dress represents, certainly, one of 10 must haves.

How should we wear a dress for night?
With black or nude make-up, very high heels, with a little bag, black gloves, pearl necklace and bun hairstyle (positioned down).
  • Nude make-up, red shoes, ponytail hairstyle and a leopard print coat…. (Very sexy).
  • Nude make-up, black high heels, tight leather jacket, big bag, voluminous hair, smoky eyes.


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