Sunday, 23 September 2012

A new step: Facebook Page

 Hello there! So, as I saw that you became interested in my blog, I thought that it will be a nice idea to create a Facebook page for This Is What I Call Fashion! It will help me to keep in touch with my followers! Also, you will discover first my new posts, as I will update periodically and will add new posts.
I decided to keep the same design, just to be easier recognizable. Hope you are going to like it and follow me as soon as you can!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Famous Fashion Brands. Part 2


Tradition:  Thierry Hermès founded in 1837 the traditional house in Paris. When transportat was revolutionized, and the horses were replaced with cars, the company acquired their name thanks to their traveling bags. In 1923, Hermes created “Bolide”, the first design of luggage bags. In 1988 the brand entered the prêt-à-porter fashion industry, offering luxury, classic accessories and clothes.                          
       Style: The symbol of the brand is a 4 wheeled cart, being carried by two horses. Their bags become a cult together with the one created for Grace Kelly, which took the name from the actress, being known worldwide as the “Kelly-bag".

Christophe Lemaire - Current Women's-Wear Designer