Friday, 27 April 2012

Monica! The New Dolce & Gabbana Lipsticks

Have you ever wanted luscious, curvy, full and expressive lips like Monica Bellucci? Well know you can, well sort of. Inspired by Monica’s iconic mouth, Dolce&Gabbana Makeup launches a selection of six limited edition lipsticks to channel their muse’s sensuality.

The iconic campaign for the collection is shot by fashion photographer supremos Mert and Marcus. They captured the Italian cinematographic spirit of yester year: Fellini, Visconti, Rossellini, De Sica- but always Monica.

The limited edition Monica lipstick comes in six feminine shades: each one to represent the mood of a woman.
  • Magnetic Monica, a sophisticated, glossy-plum stain for a captivating fun loving woman who is always in command. A colour with resonance, depth and the alluring appeal of luscious fruit.
  • Only Monica, a candy pink sugared-almond shade. The quintessence of feminine perfection.
  • Natural Monica, a creamy taupe that’s pure cappuccino, the ultimate neutral for the effortlessly confident woman.
  • Italian Monica, an iconic chili pepper red that’s a true expression of the flirtatious ‘Italian diva’ moments.
  • Chic Monica, a fashion-forward shade of soft velvety rose petal pink, a sophisticated statement for a woman who knows her own style.
  • Attractive Monica, a seductive, desirable true cardinal rouge, the ultimate rich red for spell binding, kissable allure. The red worn by Monica in the advertising campaign.

The colours were created in tandem with make up artist Pat McGrath and the designers. Dolce&Gabbana have named the lipsticks after the most common adjectives attributed to Monica, while Pat has engineered a make up with hydrating qualities, comfortable to wear and softening- to help create that beautiful texture that characterizes Monica’s lips.
The classic gold Dolce&Gabbana packaging imbued with Monica’s scarlet autograph make these lipstick objects of desire as well as tools to beautify oneself.

The Monica lipsticks will be in stores worldwide starting from the 5th May.


  1. These colors are fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous shades.


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  3. These lipsticks look amazing, such beautiful colours:) Xx

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  7. thats new ? i never saw dg lipsticks ! great post

    1. Yes, new-new-new!
      The Monica lipsticks will be in stores worldwide starting from the 5th May.