Saturday, 28 January 2012


Another sensitive issue is one related to shoes. Which are the rules? Why are we always wrong? How many pairs of shoes should we have? When and how to wear them? What colour? What kind of material should they be?
How may questions for one accessory! And I mentioned just some of them. When it comes to shoes there are a lot of rules, and making the right choice is an important decision In this article I will talk about this special accessory.
After diamonds , shoes is the most important accessory for women. Elegance of shoes can change radically one simple T-shirt and one pair of jeans. Is very important to have an awesome pair of shoes. Even for those with limited financial resources the same  rule is valid. Nothing will make you feel better, more beautiful, more attractive than one pair of sensational shoes.

The most important rule is :You should buy quality shoes, not be aware of money .
Heel and trim of a shoe are all that matters in general appearance.
Never but shoes with metal or plastic hells. They are very ugly and also they look very cheap. Buy heels that are dressed in skin and never buy white shoes with black sole.
It doesn’t matter how many pair of shoes we have, we’ll never have enough.
In every season we always discover lots of pair of shoes that we “must have”.
Must Have:
  1. Simple black ballerina flat.
 2. Classic black shoes.

 3.Silver or Golden strap sandals.

 4.Thigh high boot (Brown or Black)
 5. Red Shoes (Brian Atwood)

6. Leopard Print Shoes (Christian Louboutin)

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