Sunday, 29 January 2012

What is your favourite perfume?

Fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit from the beginning of the compositions will take you to the musk and gardenia heart, and then to the soft base of vanilla and tonka bean.

It's surrounded by slogans such as "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party"

In this commercial the main characters are Jon and Natasha, a couple who loves to party.

Tell me, what is your favourite perfume ?


  1. OOH, I LOVE PERFUME!! I am obsessed with trying new perfumes all the time but my favourites are -

    Chanel-Coco ( my 'signature' scent if you please)

    24 The Gold ( it is an unisex scent that i smelt at the Dubai airport. Out of ALL the perfumes available there, and there were thousands! This was the one that i couldn't get out of my mind. It is deep, delicious & exquisite. My second 'signature scent' ; it is a olfactory delight comprising of vanilla, amber & sandalwood. A must try.

    1. So do I! I like Coco Chanel!
      Ok, thank you very much for advice!

  2. I'll always love CK One the most!
    The first real Perfume I ever got... it was a present to me when I was a Teen. :)